Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller


Ancestralis is a platform that embraces the power of ancestral knowledge to shape the present and future.

Their mission is to provide a space where individuals can connect with their roots and access diverse resources and experiences. With a focus on practical applications and bridging ancient wisdom with modern research, Ancestralis offers workshops, courses, and events that enable hands-on learning and engagement.

They are dedicated to building a vibrant community of like-minded individuals and strive to co-create a future of harmony among all beings.

Ancestralis and Dilreen are creating a series of online courses that will help anyone to develop practical skills to improve their overall well-being and cultivate self-awareness.

Happiness and Healing Center

The Happiness and Healing Centre is dedicated to fostering collaboration and creating a world that is a happier and more peaceful place to live in. Dilreen has been associated with the Center and her work brings a beautiful synergy and seamlessly aligns with the vision of HHC.

Dilreen’s invaluable contributions extend far and wide as she selflessly imparts her wisdom and teachings to countless individuals under the umbrella of our esteemed Happiness and Healing Centre. Her teachings encompass a diverse array of topics, catering to the holistic well-being of those who seek enlightenment and growth.

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