Breath of Life: Waking Up to Who You Are

Harness the power of your life force to dissolve stress, anxiety, fear, fatigue and limiting beliefs to unlock a totally new way of living

Are you constantly feeling drained, overwhelmed, lacking mental clarity, or being pulled in countless emotional directions?
Do you want to transform your stress into vitality so that you can bring your fullest to your everyday life?
Do you have a tendency to feel irritated, or frustrated very quickly or snappy with everyone and are you longing for a positive transformation?
Do you want to release and cut energy links that bind you to people and situations that exhaust you?
Do you have difficulty in letting go of negative thoughts and forgiving?
Throughout our lives, we’ve all experienced deep hurt, exclusion, abandonment, wrongdoing, or judgement. Certain wounds may persist despite attempts to move past them, resurfacing unexpectedly. Emotional and mental anguish can have adverse effects on physical health, relationships, and financial stability. Negative thoughts and emotions may also trigger unresolved feelings, unconscious patterns, self-sabotaging behaviours, and old memories.

Breath of Life: Waking Up to Who You Are,

is a unique program that combines various healing traditions, transformative energetic techniques, and practical tools. It is designed to empower you to unlock a completely new level of energy within yourself, enabling you to embrace life with courage, creativity, joy, and a light heart. Through the integration of carefully selected breathwork, energy routines, and meditation practices, you will experience a profound transformation that brings your body’s energy system into perfect balance and harmony. As a result, your mind, body, heart, and spirit will be renewed, fostering growth and expansion in all areas of your life.

Each dive through the sessions will inspire you to unravel your inner spark, wake up to the fullness and vitality of life and transform you into a limitless dynamic force


Are you ready to unleash your true potential and live a life of vitality, joyfulness, and resilience? Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

This comprehensive program typically spans 7-9 sessions, tailored specifically to your unique needs and goals. You will experience a deep and transformative process of aura cleansing and purification, targeting your subtle bodies—emotional and mental—and revitalising your cellular network.